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ANICCA! Thriving in the Flow of Change
An Online Workshop
with Gregory Maloof, MA,LPC
$75 Suggested Donation
(No one turned away for lack of funds, you will have an opportunity to self-select donation.) 

We are now living in a perpetual condition of unprecedented change... 

You open your phone and are promptly informed of the now 4 million global COVID deaths. 

You leave the house for an errand and find ash on your car from wild fires. 

You wonder if your child’s school is safe and equally worry about online schooling and social isolation.

You desire self-care but going to a yoga class, eating out, or even gathering with friends brings up fear. 

The changes brought on by the pandemic, climate change, and political upheaval have left us feeling stressed and exhausted. And, in spite of our efforts to adapt, we find ourselves struggling with the emotional and spiritual pain brought on by continuous fear and frustration. 

THANKFULLY, we need not be discouraged or fall into despair. 

There is a path out of this stress and overwhelm. 

In Buddhism the word Anicca means inconstancy, impermanence or change. But this is not just a word or an idea. The Buddha understood how challenging it is to manage the change in our lives and how much distress it can cause. As such, Annica is one of the foundational frameworks of Buddhist practice which includes numerous tools, strategies and meditative practices to free us from the stress associated with the disruption brought on by change. 

Come join us for our Fall 2021 Wednesday Wake-Up Workshop

Sat. November 6th

9am to 4:00 pm PST

Live on Zoom

I will share with you the Buddha’s profound teachings on Anicca and how to immediately apply them to initiate a sense of ease and well-being in your life.  

In this workshop you will: 

  • Reframe change as an opportunity for personal growth, psychological healing and awakening

  • Learn to abandon outdated Karmic habits to make room for growth, healing and release 

  • Gain new skills that allow you to initiate long overdue changes more quickly, more effectively and with greater confidence 

  • Use meditation to tap into your inner resources of strength and resilience in order to get your emotional and spiritual needs met in spite of changing conditions 

  • Learn to cultivate new perceptions grounded in Buddhist theory that allow you to take bold, skillful and courageous actions in any conditions you face 

This workshop will have breakout groups, meditation periods, reflection times, and Dharma talks.

Can't make the live workshop?  No worries, REGISTER NOW and all participants will receive the live event recorded as a self-paced course.



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