This retreat is full as of 1/22/21. Please reach out to us at to be on the waitlist.

Time: 9 AM - 3 PM PST

Location: Online via Zoom

Suggested Donation: $75


(This a a donation-based retreat.  Gregory's retreats utilize a Buddhist Dana model, which means no one is turned away for lack of funds.  When you register, you may self-select an amount to contribute.)

The Dharma calls to us in various ways.

No matter how you hear the call, there arises within you a drive to grow, change and evolve beyond the limits of your current conditions and circumstances.  Some of us are seeking truth while others are seeking healing and personal transformation. Whether it be the quest for truth, healing, or self-actualization, the divine aspiration to live with deeper presence, connect authentically to yourself and others, and to fulfill your greatest potential as a human being lies deep within the heart of every spiritual seeker.  


The success of the spiritual seeker to heed this call and put spiritual aspiration into practice requires (according to Buddha) the Triple Gem Mindset. Early Buddhist practitioners knew of the stumbling blocks to practice so they evolved the Three Refuges as both a mindset and a ritualized practice to cultivate mindsets to support awakening.


The idea of "taking refuge" predates Buddhist culture, originally referring to the declaration of allegiance to a powerful person or God, or submission to a person or being in exchange for protection from danger. The psychological emphasis was on safety, security, comfort and trust. During the time of the Buddha, his followers created the now famous custom of taking refuge in the Triple Gem: The Buddha, Dharma, & Sangha, as a display of their commitment to the spiritual path.


In this retreat we will explore the transformative mindset that lies at the heart of this ancient refuge practice and learn how to embody this Triple Gem Mindset to set ourselves up for the greatest possible success on our journey to awakening.


You will learn how the Triple Gem Mindset & refuge practice can

  • Increase self-confidence by reducing fear, insecurity and doubt

  • Create deeper connection to others and to your personal and spiritual purpose

  • Cultivate the foundational heart-mind qualities that encourage healing, well-being, & awakening

This retreat is a PERFECT opportunity to jump start or reinvigorate your daily practice, connect in community with other meditators, and spend time nourishing the heart and mind in the healing silence of insight meditation.


Although this retreat is great for beginning students, it is not designed as an introduction to meditation. Even though the meditation periods will begin with suggested instructions, some basic meditation (any silent meditation practice) experience is required to get the most out of this experience.

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