New Retreat Offering!

Updated: Jan 14

Gregory has started a Retreat Series for 2021: Foundations of the Spiritual Journey. This retreat will be on The Triple Gem Mindset. Join us the last Saturday of every month online for an opportunity to practice together in Sangha. With the pandemic and the political unrest we have been experiencing in the United States, getting together in mindfulness practice and reminding ourselves how to take refuge in the Dharma can be a potent balm for these times.

Check out our retreat page and sign up today!

The Triple Gem Mindset is an online retreat Saturday Jan 30th, 2021 that runs from 9 am - 3 pm PST.

The Retreat is $75, and is donation-based.

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Gregory Maloof is a western Dharma teacher in the Ruth Denison lineage.  He is also a mindfulness-based coach and a therapist.  He is based out of Portland, OR.




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